Men’s Facial Benefits

Regular facial treatments promote the overall health, youthfulness and longevity of the skin.

While not all facial treatments are the same, we custom design each one based on your skin type as well as your skin’s current condition.

Below are our basic steps and the benefit you will receive.


  • Removal of dead skin cells
  • Promotion of collagen and elastin production
  • Lightens any skin discolorations
  • Toning and firming your skin
  • Diminishes any roughness
  • Inhibits any inflammation
  • Facial & décolleté massage that firms facial muscles, is detoxifying and a tremendous stress reliever!
  • After your skin is refreshed by exfoliation, blood circulation is elevated by massage, ready to absorb all the benefits of our vitamin rich, all natural fruit based mask ingredients, that firms, hydrates and beautifies skin!
  • The last and most important step after we determine your skin condition, is to discuss and recommend what products you should use on a daily basis in order to maintain the lasting health of your skin!

Why is a facial so important?

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